Stagwounder – The Shrouded Muse of the World's Lament (Full Album 2021)

    The Shrouded Muse of the World’s Lament (2021)
    The Crawling Chaos Records
    Du scheuchst von hinnen all das Gemeine 00:00
    Der Eindringlichkeit unversöhnlichster Garotteur 01:45
    Das Phantom zerrinnt 09:05
    Ein Gewölbe für den Sarkophag ihres Hoffens 12:52
    Monologe der Zerknirschung und der Selbstverachtung 20:39
    Das Leben längstversenkter Todten 23:59
    Der Moder heiligster Rechte 29:42
    Der Erlösung durch Vernichtetwerden entrückte Kern unseres Wesens 37:09
    Petition betreffend das Verbot des Schwerttragens 39:09
    Stagwounder was founded in late 2013 by JR (vocals), Kohelet (guitar) and S. Atanasov (drums). Shortly thereafter
    Nein (bass) and CS (guitar) joined the band. The debut Invisible Radiance was released during the summer
    solstice 2015.
    Compared with their musical past which ranged from Death Metal to Doom to Stoner Rock, all five members had
    entered new ground with this album: The sound was based mainly on forms of Post Metal as well as traditional
    Black Metal.
    The debut release was followed by live performances supporting bands like Hell (USA), Mantar, Cobalt and
    Oranssi Pazuzu.
    In winter 2017 the recordings for the new record started. In early 2018, CS and S. Atanasov left the band and the EP
    Abhold (Mix: Tobias Schwarz/RAMA; Master: Simón Alvar/Empty Hall) was realeased in December 2020.
    Through the time of the band‘s internal changes a number of new compositions took shape, so that shortly after the
    addition of DD (drums) the band entered RAMA Studios Mannheim in March 2020 to record their new full length.
    The professional framework of the whole production led to the band‘s best sounding record to date.
    The Shrouded Muse of the World‘s Lament is a self-contained work, less through genre
    affilliation but more due to the songs‘ common time of creation which was determined by mental ascetism and
    anachoresis. The record will be released on November , 26. via Crawling Chaos.
    Stagwounder is an unorthodox synthesis of Black Metal and high culture that takes place within the antagonism of
    gnostic ethos and earthly contempt for the spirit dedicated to the grievance over the loss of mythic life.

    Source 666MrDoom

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