Star protectors on Earth’s beast – Svart Records releases Ruissalo Amping’s acclaimed album on vinyl

    Ruissalo Amping there is beautiful music from Turku, shoegaze in the language of the music people. The songs are wonderful, delicately flamboyant pop songs embedded in ringing and / or roaring guitar rallies. Debut album The shelters of the stars in the bust of the Earth there is a romantic rumble, a roar overwhelmed by the echo of an electric guitar, and shy songs about things on Earth – things that touch many at the moment, and inevitably before all.

    Ruissalo Amping is known from Turku bands Samuli Virtanen, which is backed by a five – member band of local musicians. According to Virtanen, Ruissalo Amping has an adventure somewhere musically and geographically Paris Spring and Joensuu 1685positioning itself as a natural part of the Turku alternative pop (Wojciech, Magenta Skycode, Pillows…) Continuum.

    Bear State Records released The shelters of the stars in the bust of the Earth digitally on 19.11.2021 and the album garnered a lot of praise in the media. In connection with the digital release, a 100-track c-cassette edition of the album was also released, and in September Svart Records will release a acclaimed album in a limited 500-track black vinyl edition. The shelters of the stars in the bust of the Earth is now available to pre-order from the best record stores. Ruissalo Amping will be able to watch the gigs next summer when the live band performs Ruisrockissa, Phenomenonfestival and Janakkala Kotofestyesterday.

    2.9.Ruissalo Amping: Star Shields Earth Breast LP (pre-order)

    The shelters of the stars in the bust of the Earth

    Ruissalo Amping: Protectors for the Stars in the Bust of the Earth (digital)


    10.7. Turku, Ruisrock

    July 22-23 Turku, Phenomenon Festival

    27.8. Janakkala, Kotofest

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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