Starspawn of Cthulhu – Tales from the Unknown (Full Album 2021)

    Starspawn of Cthulhu is a studio Lovecraft themed Doom Metal band born in Vicenza, Italy, in late 2019. The line-up is formed by Roberto Biasin and Domenico Groppo. Tales from the Unknown is their second album, the songs are inspired by Lovecraft’s tales and creatures such as The doom that came to Sarnath, Colour out of Space, Shub-Niggurath and Hastur.

    1. Fate Over Sarnath – 0:00
    2. King In Yellow – 6:45
    3. Colour Out of Space – 11:21
    4. Woods of Shub-Niggurath – 16:40
    5. Tales from the Unknown – 22:00

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    Source 666MrDoom

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