Svart celebrates the 50th anniversary of Kalevala’s legendary debut album People No Names – vinyl reissue inbound

    Kalevala and especially their debut album People No Names is a prime example of a record that should’ve been big, sold only a handful and only later on was reappraised as the masterful progressive rock epic that it is. Originally released 50 years ago on Finnlevythen one of the largest labels in Finland, and not marketed at all, there were not more than 500 copies of the album pressed. When people finally realised the quality of the music on this piece of wax, prices for original copies on the secondhand market went blasting through the roof and eventually into four figures.

    Kalevala’s story began at the turn of the new decade in 1970, and they played Cream-style hard rock with a power trio lineup. The band’s founding member Remu Aaltonen was kicked out the following year, and a renewed lineup immersed themselves in progressive rock. People No Names was released in 1972, and eventually Finnlevy had no idea what to do with this kind of difficult new youth music.

    This 50th Anniversary vinyl reissue will be released 4th of November 2022 with the original gatefold layout plus all lyrics printed for the first time, new liner notes plus an interview with vocalist Harri Saksala. The album has been remastered for vinyl by Finland’s premier progressive rock specialist Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox.

    4.11. Kalevala: People No Names (pre-order)

    Kalevala: People No Names (YouTube-link)

    Kalevala: People No Names
    Side A
    A1 People No Names (8:56)
    A2 Where I’m From (4:07)
    A3 Waves (6:08)

    Side B
    B1. In The Net (4:43)
    B2. My Friend (2:46)
    B3. Lady With The Veil (4:14)
    B4. Escape From The Storm (5:12)
    B5. Tamed Indians (1:49)

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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