Svart Records releases cult album of mystical horror and hysteria band Ghost

    A band from Tampere in the mid-1970s Ghost is one of the most special episodes in Finnish rock history. The original idea of ​​the project was to create a mystical band of horror or hysteria that, disguised, would intimidate the gig audience and perhaps even keep their line-up anonymous. However, that concept proved shaky for several reasons. Drummer Seppo Tammilehto has speculated that in the 70s, even more clearly than in later times, the most important thing in rock was playing. “Then when this kind of outdoor music stuff was done, we were laughed at in the yard.”

    The band’s manager at the time Heikki Kauppinen also designed a light show for Kummitus with Pekka Heinänen, who was responsible for the costumes, and caused a bit of confusion on the dance stages of our country. However, the band eventually got to a record deal and record Love Recordsbad single Kalman koura / The flame of death. Songs utilizing the horror theme launched for Ghost wrote Juhani Kivistö under a pseudonym Kele Per.

    After Loven’s interest ended, Kauppinen was contacted by journalists Kari Kantalainen and Vesa Majanenwho wanted to produce the ghost album. Through Kauppinen’s contacts, BASF, which is better known for its C-cassettes for home recordings, became the record label. The disc was recorded Pekka Nurmikallion Microvoxstudio in Lahti. Recorded in the sessions, Two Faces didn’t get very ecstatic at the time, but with the appreciation of later generations, it has earned a new comeback as a distinctive and interesting album. The ghost disintegrated very quickly after the release of their debut album and never made a return to gigs or the studio. Svart Records releases the band Two faces the album will be on CD on June 17, 2022 and a vinyl version of the album will be released on September 16, 2022.

    Ghost: Two Faces (YouTube)

    Ghost: Two Faces LP / CD (pre-sale)

    Two faces

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