Swan Messiah – Child Of Sorcery (Full Album 2020)

    Child Of Sorcery (2020)
    Swan Messiah emerged from the elysian depths of Port Philip Bay in the winter of 2010.
    Wielding antipodean styled doom and dystopian drones, taking respectful cues from its misanthropic metal ancestry and dark folk traditions, Swan Messiah spent the ensuing winters conjuring its layered sound to wash upon the shore on which it currently rests.
    Swan Messiah
    Melbourne, Australia
    Yawning Lake 00:00
    A Decade Of Black 07:16
    Parasitic Sacrament 16:55
    Redeemer 23:04
    Child Of Sorcery 28:02
    Entheogenic Cradle 35:50
    Marrow Of The King 44:37
    The Surge 49:31
    Sub-Terranean Reptilian Lava Realm 58:34
    Hello heavy folk, I hope you’ve travelled well through this harrowing period of disease & dystopia which is planet Earth during COVID-19.

    Whilst, like many, I’ve lost a considerable amount of work through the pandemic, it’s afforded me the opportunity to put my home studio to good use, and complete my lockdown album.

    I seem to be drifting slowly away from recent black metal leanings (although they’re still apparent), and spiralling back not just to my doom roots, but further back still into my seminal stoner and grunge period of songwriting way back in the 90s!

    I’ve had a few muso friends liken the ensuing tracks to all manner of influences. “A semi-country version of Neurosis” is probably the most colourful regardless of its accuracy, but also common references include Type-O-Negative, Devin Townsend, mid era doom infused Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Oranssi Pazuzu, My Dying Bride and Wolves in the Throne Room.

    It’s been a thoroughly cathartic journey of self exploration, just following the flow of ideas instead of imposing any forced heaviness on what are at times surprisingly catchy (yet murky) melodies.
    released November 22, 2020

    Source 666MrDoom

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