Switchblade Cheetah – Chapel Of The Bitch (2016) (Full Album)

    Now this is what good garage-punk is supposed to sound like. Burning up from down south in Tallahassee, FL, Switchblade Cheetah recently released their latest lo-fi opus, Chapel of the Bitch. Chapel of the Bitch is “a masterpiece” putting together all the best elements of raw emotional volatile rock’n’roll from the past 70 years. From surf to hardcore—this album has it all! The album is led by single “All That Blood” which is a rollicking glam-fuzz rock number in a similar vein to Ty Segall but still altogether Switchblade Cheetah’s own. There’s a moment in the chorus where the vocal drops out for a moment, not unlike a fist-cocking backwards, before the follow through punch of “BLOOD!” Love it.

    Review by Mike Mehalick

    1. Lil’ Pagan
    2. Chapel of the Bitch
    3. All that Blood
    4. Lonely Man
    5. Untitled
    6. Acid Mass
    7. Angry God
    8. Blood Bath
    9. Bitch on the Run
    10. One Dark Night
    11. Blood Lines
    12. Death Trip
    13. Yellow Dollar in New Orlean

    source Stoned Meadow Of Doom

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