The compilation album of TV’s Orjat group is released more than 40 years after the band’s breakup

    Famous for presenting domestic punk rock Greet -compilation album (1979) is subtitled “Finnish favorites on the same record”. The ones who bumped into the album Eppu Normal, Pelle Million and Ratsian in addition, the second half of the B-side has been engraved with almost two minutes of teeny-sounding, but seductively ear-catching punk rock from a band from Turku TV’s Slaves. Calling Orjie a big favorite might be considered a bit of an exaggeration, but in 1979 the band’s direction was definitely on the rise. In addition to being included in the Hilse album, it had received a recording contract Kerberos with the sign. The band had an album’s worth of material, and Kerberos’ first single released in 1980, Tavalinen inmins, made it all the way to the TV’s Discraat.

    In the spring of 1980, the band later disbanded About Brothers of the Soul known Jouko Hohkobecame a guitarist and started gigging hard through the summer. As often happens, a joyful summer was followed by an autumn, and in the autumn the band broke up before their first album. So that TV’s Orjat doesn’t end up being a hard, but short-lived part of history known to first-wave punk enthusiasts out of only three officially released songs, Black Records has felt it necessary to dig through the archives and collect an entire album’s worth of material from TV’s Orji for publication.

    Our dear audience collection begins with those three released songs, followed by two songs unearthed from the Kerberos archives, which were made during the single’s sessions and left unreleased. The rest of the collection, 8 demo tracks from 1979 and five songs from 1980 Province-from the gig, are completely unpublished before.

    “Why TV’s Orjat? Well, because Hilselp 1’s song (1979) and the single for Kerberos (1980) are still doing surprisingly well. Unauthorized online compilations and YouTube downloads have appeared as well as cover versions of contemporary bands. A band with a bigger reputation would have deserved an LP already in its own time,” says the album’s bassist Hoss Siivonen curated with Jari Nikkola.

    Album Our dear audience! TV’s slaves 1978–1980 will appear as a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies on 11.11.2022. The album is accompanied by a 16-page zine printed in A4 size, which contains anecdotes about the band and song lyrics.

    11.11. TV’s Orjat: Our dear audience! TV’s Slaves 1978–1980 LP + 16-page A4 fanzine – pre-sale link:

    Our dear audience! TV’s Orjat 1978-1980

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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