The Disadvantages of the Big City will release its first official publication after 40 years of waiting

    “They say that not many ticks have appeared on the charts / I can guarantee that you will see this record at the top of the charts / this record is domestic / this is the number one domestic chart! / You don’t have to listen to this if your ears can’t stand / this record / then when this record starts to be heard on radio / TV / this is the number one in Finland! ” –– DISADVANTAGES OF THE BULK

    Disadvantages of the big city is a Finnish-punk band from Rautajärvi, whose first life cycle took place in 1979–1982. At the time, the band was recording numerous c-cassettes that recorded the band’s songs and frenzy. The music includes a new wave of domestic and international squeaks, boys ’humor, fun and joy of playing, and the world of young people’s experiences of the 1970s. The songs cover, among other things, peace defense, girls, police, bitterness, Kekkonen and the number one beer favored by teens.

    Despite hard c-tape recording, the Disadvantages of the Big City never released an official record. Contacts with record companies that published youth music in Helsinki and Tampere drew water. It took nearly 40 years before the band’s production was recorded on vinyl when Elvis guitar was added to the suomipunk collection Killed the Death (Black Records 2017). As a natural extension, Svart Records will release a compilation album of the band’s production in May, with the best pieces from the tape caches selected. Coincidentally, the band has also made a comeback before anyone knew about the release of the compilation album, so a sequel is promised in the coming years in the form of concerts and hopefully new cassette recordings.

    The compilation album bearing the name of the band, The Disadvantages of the Big City, will be released on May 14, 2021 in a limited vinyl edition. Svartin YouTubecan be found on the channel Domestic number one, guaranteed Rautjärvi sound four decades ago.

    14.5. Disadvantages of a big city: s / t (LP)

    Pre-sale link:

    Disadvantages of a big city

    Timo “Timmer” Jokinen – vocals, guitar

    Raimo “Boogie” Hietala – bass

    Jarmo ”Jape” Pirttiniemi – drums, vocals

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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