The Fur – Sonntag (Full Album 2021)

    Sonntag (2021)
    The Fur is now an instrumental quartet of space cadets from Belgium. Heavily influenced by the acid-ridden sixties and the heavy seventies, The Fur brings a show that takes the audience back to a time where music was a way of escaping. It’s not about spreading a message, it’s about spreading love, harmony and peace with sound, hence why it’s instrumental.
    What you may expect from a show of The Fur you ask? Big vintage amps, original sound, psychedelic visuals and 4 dudes having the time of their life. The Fur has invested a lot of time in fine-tuning their gear and doing everything DIY-style to a point where The Fur handprinted their merch and built their own amps.
    Sagan 00:00
    OSB 08:45
    Reesmasjien 14:12
    Shake 18:34
    Bake 20:41
    Mirage 24:26
    Hawawa 30:43
    Yage 36:22
    Sonntag tells the story about the origin of the universe and all the chaos that went with it. As time gradually brings order and balance, mankind made its introduction. They brought back the chaos through various rituals and ultimately restarting the cycle anew.
    released November 26, 2021

    Bass: Erik Burgelman
    Drums : Elias Piens
    Guitar: Jens Verslijcken
    Synth: Lionel Schrevens

    Engineered, produced and mixed by Jens Verslijcken
    Mastered at Jerboa Mastering
    Artwork by Evelyn Entwistle
    Spoken words by Genevieve Quinn
    Additional vocals by Jens Verslijcken

    Source 666MrDoom

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