THE GOLDEN GRASS – A Peculiar Situation // HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records

    A PECULIAR SITUATION is THE GOLDEN GRASS third single taken from the band upcoming new album LIFE IS MUCH STRANGER.
    The release will see the light April 7th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

    “Closing out “Life Is Much Stranger” is the song summarizes all this strangeness. “A Peculiar Situation” finds the band somewhat back in “downer” territory – Can we trust that person in our personal orbit? Do we even recognize them anymore? We may be more inclined to keep to ourselves in this “new normal,” but are we ever really by ourselves when the devil knows where we hide? But, as with all the other songs on this body of work, this peculiar situation is not without some light to be found if we’re willing to get to know each other again. It’s easier said than done but The Golden Grass point the way forward. They’re in the corner of your eye but their love for you is going to take you by surprise.
    The music, divided up and driven by angular, unsettling riffs, some intentionally atonal musical play, and time/key shifts, sets the scene for this odd new territory we have to reckon with. The choruses allow for an opportunity to settle into some funky, upbeat territory before vanishing into the beyond with one final mysterious howling coda that is more of a question mark than a full stop.
    Come dig “Peculiar Situation” and let us ring your chimes.”



    RECORD LABEL & BOOKING – Heavy Psych – Stoner – 70’s – Retro Rock – Vintage

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