The new studio water series begins – as the first guest of the Live Children’s Cemetery

    Just Live is a series of studio recordings recorded in Kouvola for lovers of Finnish music. The concept combines a music video with live music that has lived on for a long time. If you want something, you have to do it yourself and at best you can share the experience with others. The very essence of Live is that each song is recorded in one shot, which is made into an artist-like and audible recording.

    The first artist to be chosen was the naturally known and recently new band Springhas released Children’s Cemetery.

    – “It was great to record in the studio in the middle of the visuals shot from the Kouvola railway yard. Ratapihatells a story that is located in that particular location. This gives the whole song a new dimension. The viewer gets deeper into the music and sees which six tracks the person in the story escapes, ”says the guitarist and songwriter of the Children’s Cemetery. Tuomo Mannonen.

    It is easy to favor the local, especially when the original purpose of the cultural project was to bring something more to the local offer and to invite artists to the studio with whom the project leaders – the recorder Tuukka Nikunen (Just Studio) and photographer Lukas Pearsall – want to work. “We sat down with Tuuka and wondered whose music we wanted to hear and who would fit into this concept. In the field of Finnish indie music, it is easy to find a terrible list of bands you want to work with, but at the same time it was really difficult to keep the list short, ”says Lukas Pearsall.

    – “It’s great that a thing that has been in my dreams for a long time is finally coming to fruition. We at Lukas have been designing this type of concept for a long time. In the fall of 2021, the stars were in the right position and we got kicked off the job. There have been magical moments in the project and new plots are constantly being woven. We both have a desire to create a permanent concept of Just Live, ”Tuukka Nikunen continues.

    Arts Promotion Center Taiken with the support of the studio have so far visited the Children’s Cemetery in addition Power mixed A. Takalo and more is coming. Just the first video from the Children’s Cemetery band Ratapihahas been downloaded from Svart Records YouTubechannel.

    Children’s Cemetery – Spring Tour 2022

    04.03. Kuopio, Maxim

    March 11 Tampere, Club

    12.03. Oulu, 45 Special

    March 18 Lahti, Sammiosali

    19.03. Helsinki, Ääniwalli

    March 25 Hämeenlinna, Estuary Club

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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