The People’s Love Cult – Beware! (Side A)

    1 – Reminisce (0:10)
    2 – Beautiful Creatures (2:40)
    3 – Beware! (5:26)
    4 – Something Better (8:02)
    5 – Can You Help Me (10:13)
    6 – Maybe Today (12:17)
    7 – Free To Run (14:54)
    8 – Hear We Are (16:17)


    The People’s Love Cult are veterans of the Florida music scene, successfully managing to form a small list of venues which refuse to let them play. The band formed in 2015, and boasts to be “the first band that is also a religion.” I was first contacted by the bands leader Mr Pope in early January, and I knew from our first exchanges that I had stumbled upon something incredible. Mr Pope runs his own record label SUN GOD RECORDS where he posts his own music and the music of his peers, keeping the DIY ethos alive.

    “Chanting mantras and calling people to join in and rid themselves of subliminal oppression. Recording several albums per year, letting the gigs get out of control and all in all resurrecting the spirit of rock and roll, baby.” – Nikola Bundanovic

    A small booklet of stories from the band, written by Nikola Bundanovic, is also included in the download of this release. The stories are contained on the bands website “The Book of Fraud –” and have been compiled and edited to produce an interesting narrative which sums up the bands antics and struggles. The extracts are extremely well written and funny; the story of the bands attempt to film a music video on a prestigious golf course, still makes me smile.

    The first half of this release is from the bands 2019 album “Beware!”
    The second half is from their 2019 live album “People You May Know”
    Recorded at The Cosa Nostra Club, Miami, FL – 4/9/2019

    “The People’s Love Cult (from here now on PLC) is back with a vengeance served cold. The whereabouts of the band remain unknown for me, as well as the current lineup, not to mention their future plans or songs which are currently cooking. However, regardless of my ignorance in these earthly matters, it has become obvious that this Florida-based cult-rock outfit are more and more aware of their divine mission ― or so it seems. Their latest release, titled Beware, published by Sun God Records in March 2019, might just situate as the band’s breakthrough record, if not a prophetic statement of their maturing effort.”

    -Nikola Budanovic, VICE Serbia/The Vintage News
    released February 29, 2020

    The People’s Love Cult are:

    Mr. Pope – Vocals, Guitar, Production
    Brandon Rasouli – Lead Guitar
    Jacob Leavitt – Bass
    Trevor Johnson – Drums

    All songs written by
    The People’s Love Cult

    Booklet writing by Nikola Bundanovic

    Mastered by Archie Sagers
    Art by Mr Pope and Archie Sagers


    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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