The playlist for June 2020

    News posted 07/03/2020 by Laurent

    Like every beginning of the month, here is our playlist of releases from the previous month, a sort of “best of” consisting of our favorite song from each of the albums that we reviewed for you this month (via Bandcamp – the only platform so much is not very remunerative for the artists).

    A “little” month with few releases, but a few big pieces, notably by stoner legends: Brant Bjork, Wino… and a bunch of discoveries which you will tell us news if you haven’t listened to them yet!

    If you like what you hear, click on the song title in the player to listen to the rest of the album in Bandcamp directly… So don’t hesitate to drop a few euros to support the artists by buying their album!

    If you missed them, we also put the links to the chronicles of each album at the bottom of the page.

    Here are the complete chronicles of all the releases of the month on Desert-Rock to find out everything about each record:


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