The So-Called ”House Of The So” (Full Album 2020)

    House of The So (2020)
    Hard Hittin’ Power Trio from Dublin, Ireland
    Track Listing:
    1. Mail Order Coffin Blues 0:00
    2. Hang On 5:13
    3. Marlborough Street Man 9:06
    4. Heartquake Lady 12:10
    5. Day Dawns On Me (Like It Wants To Die) 14:53
    6. For They Cannot Hold Her 19:06
    7. Call Of The So – Part 1 25:37
    8. Mysterious Exit 28:32
    All songs written by Jude Shiels,
    except tracks 1 & 7,
    written by Jude Shiels/Noel Martin Jnr.

    Jude Shiels – Vocals & Guitars
    Noel Martin Jnr – Drums
    The Pirate – Bass & Misc

    Mixed by Mark Reddy at Journey’s End Studios
    Recorded at Oblivion Studios
    Engineered by Yanko Genov
    2020 Drakopoulos Records

    source 666MrDoom

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