The Vaughan Oliver Graphic Design Scholarship Vaughan Oliver

    A name no 4AD or music fan needs introduction to, Vaughan Oliver’s work with the label and beyond helped make him one of the most influential Graphic Designers and Art Directors of his generation.

    Following his sad passing in late-2019, we’ve wanted to celebrate his life so have worked closely with his alma mater Northumbria University (where he graduated from in 1979) and wife Lee to establish The Vaughan Oliver Graphic Design Scholarships, which will launch this September with an annual memorial lecture in his name planned to run alongside.

    Over the next decade, three scholarships will be offered each year to support, enhance and extend students’ education and employability development within the sector.  The first scholarship will be awarded to a second year Graphic Design BA (Hons) student transitioning into their final year of study, helping them kick start their career.  The second and third scholarships will be given to students who live in the North East of England and are applying for Northumbria’s Graphic Design undergraduate programme, irrespective of their background.

    Northumbria is committed to widening access to higher education and providing life changing opportunities for students.  If a student meets the criteria, they will automatically be considered for The Vaughan Oliver Scholarship.  This initiative reaffirms Vaughan’s commitment to art education for all.

    Full details for the Scholarship can be found here.

    Source 4AD

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