UNSHINE to Unveil Highly Anticipated Fifth Album “Karn of Burnings” in March 2024

    Rockshots Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Karn of Burnings” the fifth studio album from the extraordinary druid metal band, UNSHINE.

    Set to make its global debut in March 2024, UNSHINE’s fifth album, “Karn of Burnings” assures an enthralling voyage delving into the realms of pre-modern human existence and posthuman metaphors, characterized by their signature blend of melodic Nordic folk elements and the ethereal vocals of Susanna Vesilahti.

    With eight tracks, each representing a living entity from different eras, the album spans 45 minutes of melodic storytelling. UNSHINE believes that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the album’s offerings, promising a unique and unpredictable listening experience.

    Today marks the release of the first single, “Hjul” and its accompanying video from “Karn of Burnings”. “Hjul” is not just a song but an entire album in a metaphorical sense. A ritualistic composition in both its musical and lyrical tautology, “Hjul” mirrors the cyclical nature of seasons and mythical themes. Like the changing seasons in the cycle of the year, the musical and mythical themes and names recur again and again, creating a mesmerizing experience for the listener commenting Harri Hautala

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    Recommended for fans of Amorphis, The Gathering and Skálmöld, “Karn of Burnings” in store next March 22, 2024.


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