US Doom Death Masters VIGIL Sign to Argonauta Records; New Single “Descend to Extinction” Out Now

    US Doom Death Masters VIGIL Sign to Argonauta Records; New Single “Descend to Extinction” Out Now

    From the ashes of the band Onera, Justin Christian (Bass, Guitars) and Craig Simas (Guitars, Synth) built Vigil to be heavier, and more aggressive but also beautiful and emotional. Joined by Joe Davis to compliment as one of the two bassists in the band, Brandon Phinney on drums and Dave Petillo on vocals.

    Today the band announces its signing with the Italian powerhouse ARGONAUTA Records: “Vigil’s partnership with Argonauta Records is a perfect fit for what we as a band were looking for. We needed someone to take what we do as seriously as we do, but also realize that what we do is very specific and not the easiest thing to market and sell. The team at Argonauta sees that and really does their best to build up the bands they work with, but also gets them in front of the fans that are looking for this kind of thing. We are very excited to have them as team members for this project and can’t wait to see what else this can create.”

    As a celebration of this partnership, VIGIL release today their new single. Says the band: “Our first single ‘Descend to Extinction’ was the first song written for this recording, and the band for that matter. It captures the darker, heavier sound we envisioned for Vigil, as Justin indulged the pangs of his death-doom roots. We went all in with our idea to use two bassists and go for the melodic heaviness. The solo section is a thrashy riff right out of 1988 and shows our love for that kind of music. The chorus really came to life with Brandon’s powerful clean vocals and points to our appreciation of epic metal. Overall, this song is all the things we love all in one place. It has slow, almost funeral doom verses, power metal style choruses and a ripping guitar solo. The lyrics – brutally sung by Dave – are basically apocalyptic, about an extraneous force eliminating mankind, and humanity’s sudden need to face its fragile mortality.”

    Give ear:

    One of the original building blocks of Vigil was to be as heavy as we could. This led to the decision to have two bass players. As the songs started to take shape and each member was putting their own touches to the arrangements. Combining that with our love for Post Rock, Thrash and Progressive Metal, Vigil is a showpiece for all our influences filtered through our ears, hands, and emotions, taking the listener down a dark road of sorrow and anger.

    The band continues: “There is already another project ready to see the light of day that we would love Argonauta to be part of. Hopefully in time that too will become part of the family. Things are moving in the right direction for Vigil and our hard work. If you like it heavy, loud and underground, Argonauta is the place for you.”

    Stay tuned for more news and details to be revealed soon.

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