Vivisektio releases a new full-length album after a break of more than 10 years

    The new normal album will be released in September, the first single can be pre-listened now

    Founded in 1983 in Äkäslompolo Vivisection only had time to work for three years in his lifetime. The band from the foothills of Lapland was one of the northernmost hardcore punk bands in the world. The band, which performed mostly north of the Arctic Circle, played only a dozen gigs, the southernmost of which was at Pietarsaari’s punk festivals in the summer of 1985. Vivisektio didn’t get any recording done, but ended up being a question due to their exotic home location Trivial Pursuitiin.

    Vivisektio was founded a second time in Oulu in 2008 with a new singer and drummer. As a musical line, the band still has the hardcore of the early 80s, with anarcho and post-punk influences from the same era. Vivisektio released their debut album 1984 (Of the Year Records 2011, followed by two EPs as well as the participation of the legendary Maximum Rock’n’Roll -magazine’s compilation disc. In the spring of 2022, Vivisektio released an album containing demos recorded in 1985.

    Since their new arrival, Vivisektio has toured Europe and played in a total of 12 countries. Although only one of the band members lives in Äkäslompolo anymore, the band’s lyrics often have a Lapland perspective and deal with, among other things, the ongoing natural destruction in Lapland.

    Svart Records releases the band’s second album The new normal As a black vinyl edition of 500 copies and digitally on September 16, 2022. The first sound sample of the album, A total shambleswill be released on Friday 12 August 2022 and you can listen to the song at Svart Records YouTubeon the channel.

    16.9. Vivisection: The New Normal (LP pre-order link)

    The new normal

    12.8. Vivisektion: Total kamos (single pre-order link)

    Vivisektio – New normal album release gigs 2022

    22.9. Tampere, Vastavirta

    23.9. Helsinki, Batman

    24.9. Turku, Moisio’s rocker

    PR / FInland

    Oy Svart Musik Ab / Svart Records

    Jukka Taskinen

    [email protected]

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