Vulcanodon Phazer – Lemurian Thunder (Full Album 2021)

    Lemurian Thunder (2021)
    Bud Metal Records presents LEMURIAN THUNDER, the third offering of hallucinatory sonic sludge from BC doom metal practitioners Vulcanodon Phazer. The new full-length album comes with a more upbeat and adventurous tone than the last epic of doom drone from VP, “Phantazms.” On this third album the mood is inspired by the works of William Gibson, James Churchward, Gene Roddenberry and Glen Larson (as well as lost forgotten continents and Demons of the Deep!). The lyrics delve into a recurring theme of existentialism from the dinosaur to the cyborg. Thick vintage solid state SUNN tones and fuzzed-out plasma-coil leads highlight the jammy dark psychedelic tones offered up on this new Vulcanodon Phazer album. This time no theremin or analog synths, all guitars/bass/drums/vox.
    Fossils in the Dirt 00:00
    Lemurian Thunder 05:09
    Human Beams 12:28
    The Telchine Way 16:12
    Chiba 23:13
    I Pledge Allegiance to Our Alien Robot Gods 31:13
    Will release on all other digital download/streaming services on Friday October 1, 2021 through PlasticHead Distribution.

    Vulcanodon Phazer is:
    Lex Hill: Vocals, Lead Guitars
    Patrick Mytron: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Feedback, Drums, Bass

    No physical copies offered, feel free to make bootleg versions!
    released September 6, 2021

    copyright 2021 Bud Metal Records
    recorded Summer 2021 at Odin’s Cave Studios, Kelowna, BC, Canada
    all songs written, recorded and produced by Patrick Mytron
    cover photo by Patrick Mytron.
    photo taken at the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, AB. The Greatest Place on Earth.

    Source 666MrDoom

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