West Coast Wolves – Billy McKreef (Official Video)


    The West Coast Wolves are a 5-piece ensemble boasting a heady compound of rock and roll, alt folk, dark country and surf rock. With strong connections to the ocean & Kreef gods of Southern Africa’s diabolical west coast the wolves draw their inspiration from the Weskus, fireside jam sessions, banjos, chilled quarts, and the icy surf. Excited as they were with their emerging following, the Wolves never anticipated the ground swell they found after the release of their debut EP “Hold The Wheel” (followed by fan favourite singles “The City” and ”Uncle Tin”). Forced into lockdown as a result of the global pandemic the Wolves regrouped to focus on wood shopping and recording new material for their eagerly awaited debut album.

    The video for Billy McKreef is a behind-the-scenes look at the writing & recording of the songs from ‘Don’t Forget to Howl’, which started just before the covid pandemic erupted, and continued right through the successive lock-downs. It captures the first few shows that the Wolves played when things began to open up again, from intimate warm-up shows to a street festival in Cape Town. All the footage is real and shot at the right place and the right time, shown in the sequence it all unfolded. The Wolves decided it would be ideal to tell the story with the Billy McKreef video because it was the blueprint for ‘Don’t Forget to Howl’.

    Billy McKreef was written at the time that Pete picked up the 5-string banjo, right after Larry joined the Wolves on the drums. It was a head-on collision of different genres which resulted in a sonic explosion of folk-rock, west coast banjo and surf-punk with a bouncy hip-hop groove.

    The reference to “Protect the West Coast’ is a connection to the Wolves support for the civic campaign to stop commercial mining programs that threaten to destroy the ecology and culture of South Africa’s west coast.

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