West Coast Wolves – Factory Of Bones (Official Video)


    Factory Of Bones seamlessly blends genres with enthralling character.

    The West Coast Wolves are a 5-piece ensemble boasting a heady compound of rock and roll, alt folk, dark country and surf rock. With strong connections to the ocean & Kreef gods of Southern Africa’s diabolical west coast the wolves draw their inspiration from the Weskus, fireside jam sessions, banjos, chilled quarts, and the icy surf. Excited as they were with their emerging following, the Wolves never anticipated the ground swell they found after the release of their debut EP “Hold The Wheel” (followed by fan favourite singles “The City” and ”Uncle Tin”). Forced into lockdown as a result of the global pandemic the Wolves regrouped to refocus on wood shopping new material. 2021 saw the band cutting their eagerly awaited debut album “Don’t Forget To Howl” (Out Q3 on Mongrel Records).


    “Pete, as he sometimes does, rocked up to a wolves rehearsal with this huge acoustic guitar riff. This time the vocal melody came out straight away without effort (a very good sign!). When Galen begins writing lyrics, he mumbles arbitrary words to get the beat and melody syncing up where he wants and sometimes these mumblings end up being the first words put to a song. The meaning establishes itself later. The title of the song arrived way before the lyric was written. This is very rare. By comparison, most of our song titles (as featured on our forthcoming album!) changed during the mastering process!” – WCW

    “Galen was blown away by the film “world war ii in colour” and the documentary on the Vietnam war. In particular, the fear which soldiers must have felt, the lack of understanding on what they were fighting for, the longing for their home, family and friends and at times even being forced to fight against them, must have been overwhelming. Ultimately the song brings the experience back to today’s struggles one might have. Reflecting on life’s “growing pains”. It’s certainly not as tough as a war, but life’s no walk in the park…” – WCW

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