West Coast Wolves – Knuckles Tight (Official Video)


    The West Coast Wolves are a 5-piece ensemble boasting a heady compound of rock and roll, alt-folk, dark country and surf rock with roots in Cape Town. Raised on a staple diet of fireside acoustic jam sessions on the West Coast, blazin’ banjos, frosted quarts of beer & the icy Atlantic

    The Wolves explore deeper meaning on their new single ‘Knuckles Tight’ written about the contrast of being nervous and having great trepidation for your children leaving your protection, but also, needing to allow them the freedom to make their own mistakes and create their own experiences. While tinkering with his guitar, Galen had ‘the Simpson’s’ playing in the background. Mr. Burns said something weird which sparked the idea for “Knuckle’s Tight”… a creepy voice in the background of this sombre, delicate little guitar riff.

    The first line to the song then came quite naturally “Baby are you walking to a friend’s house”. “In the beginning the lyrics didn’t have a specific meaning, but as the next few lines flowed out (in this case I had just had my second daughter), the theme for the song became evident and close to my heart”, said Galen. While writing the lyrics Penelope said something to me that helped engrain an image of the song in my head. She said something like, “she wants her daughter to run with wind in her hair”. This feeling makes up the free spirit of the chorus, which draws its running acoustic guitar rhythm and vocal harmony inspiration from Tom Petty. Knuckles Tight is taken off the upcoming debut full-length album Don’t Forget to Howl soon to be released into the wild.

    The West Coast Wolves
    Young Girl: Ms. Tyler ‘Bean’ Muller
    Pre-teen: Ms. Erin Ramage
    Teenager: Ms. Gem-Dior

    Director – GLEN WOLTER
    Cinematographer – LEIGH PAGE
    Camera Operator – ZOE NEVILLE MUA
    Wardrobe – ELMI DU PREEZ
    Catering – DEBBIE CORNELL

    West Coast Wolves would like to add a special thank you to BRAAM & PROPELLER PROPS

    2023 Mongrel Records

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