Wilderness of Mirrors – Woodland Ghosts EP

    Wilderness of Mirrors is Aindréas Gill. Below his words about the record. (That is surprisingly good !)

    Following on from my first song “The Light – The Darkness – The Void” comes my first full EP as Wilderness of Mirrors; “Woodland Ghosts”

    This EP is intended to be heard in one sitting. The 4 pieces are conceptual, they form a deliberate whole, and some of the riffs have slight echoes of others to try & give a feeling of togetherness, familiarity, growth, and to conjure images of life-cycles.

    “Woodland Ghosts” is about going out into the woods, alone, at night, with the intention of “losing” oneself and never coming back….a final return to the Earth, so to speak.

    I felt in such a horrific, wretched place when I wrote this, but recording it lifted some of the suffocating weight off of my chest. I wanted the experience of listening to it to feel as uncomfortable and bleak as I felt while writing it, but with slight glimmers of hope occasionally shining through the dark clouds.

    I consider Wilderness of Mirrors to be something of a sister-project to Din of Celestial Birds ( DOCB is the “happy sister”, and is 6 people trying to create uplifting, beautiful music that has only 1 foot in the shadows and darkness, WOM is the “depressed sister”, and is 1 person shrouded in darkness, with but a slight crack of daylight leaking in through a small hole in the ceiling.

    The sounds on this recording were created using bodhrán, cello, felt piano, analogue synths, drums, bass, guitars, and effects pedals. No vocals were used.

    Self recorded at home.
    Intentionally lo-fi.
    I left in all of the little imperfections, like string scrapes and chokes etc the guitar solo on part I was done in one take (no editing together), with no planning, and is actually the first & only take!

    I recommend a good set of bass heavy speakers to listen to this.

    This EP is mastered a little quieter than “The Light – The Darkness – The Void” (which was brick-walled to fuck…apologies). It has a slightly cleaner mix/EQ, but is still deliberately raw and lo-fi.

    Musical influences for this EP:
    Bismuth (
    Mountain Caller (
    Year of No Light (
    Agvirre (
    Helve (
    Hundred Year Old Man (
    Kokomo (
    Omega Massif (
    The Owl (  


    released March 1, 2021

    Written/performed/recorded/produced/mixed/mastered by Wilderness of Mirrors


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