AAWKS – LUNA (EP 2023)

    LUNA (EP 2023)
    AAWKS is the product of four acid casualties united by a love for high fantasy, psychedelics and heavy rock music, alongside some guest musicians who wander in to add their own flair.
    AAWKS / Barrie, Ontario
    The Figure 00:00
    Julia Dream -Pink Floyd 05:12
    I Ran(So Far Away) – Flock of Seagulls 08:59
    All is Fine (Live from the Pøølhaüs Feb 2022) 15:30
    LUNA – the goddess of the moon(Roman mythology)

    Cultures have been obsessed with the mysterious, magnetic wonders of the moon since the dawn of time. We’ve also been fascinated by “the unexplained” and tried to make meaning of the messages in dreams or weird lights in the night sky. This collection of songs entitled LUNA each represent the aforementioned subjects in some way or another. We may not have the answers but we did our best to paint the feeling and thoughts one may have while walking down a path, alone in the woods at night or maybe waking up from an odd dream that left you questioning “what did that mean?”

    A huge thanks to Black Throne Productions and Z Hollow Studios for all the hard work.

    A special thanks goes out to our brother Dan Trickett who added bass guitar to I Ran and some sweet harmonies to Julia Dream and I Ran(So Far Away). He also plays bass and sings harmonies on the live track All is Fine from our show in the Pøølhaüs.
    released December 8, 2023

    Music and Lyrics on The Figure and All is Fine by AAWKS
    Julia Dream – words and music by Roger Waters
    I Ran(So Far Away) – Flock of Seagulls

    Released by Black Throne Productions 2023

    Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Zack Horvath at Z Hollow Studios

    Randy – Batterie
    Kris Dzierzbicki – Gtr, Vocals, Organs, Synths, Didgeridoo
    Roberto Paraiso – Bass on The Figure, Gtr on All is Fine and I Ran(So Far Away)
    Dan Trickett – Bass on I Ran(So Far Away), Bass and Backing Vocals on Julia Dream, I Ran and All is Fine

    Cover Art and Design by – Doomolith
    Logo by – Steven Yoyoda

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