Archie Sagers – Finally Free (Music Video)

    Made with footage courtesy of NASA

    Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Archie Sagers


    I’m floating miles above
    The weightless space sinks down and
    My thoughts between my eyes shift
    An empty year with no new sound

    Staring up past the walls
    A guiding light flickers by
    I’m floating, floating miles above
    I’m floating, floating, floating, floating

    The twisting seas and stretching hills
    Winding paths that reach and fill
    My mind with its thoughts of you
    Couldn’t hold on I was slipping through

    Standing up with the waves behind
    Crashing down I lose my sight
    I’m floating through the summer months
    I’m floating, floating miles above

    I lost my way
    I can’t go back, not for a day
    I’m floating floating endlessly
    My time will stretch infinitely

    I lost my way
    I can’t go back, not for a day
    I’m lost lost in the world
    I’m floating floating, floating, floating

    Come now the night travels slowly
    Can’t sleep with your sword in your hand

    I can see this was meant to be
    Across the world and I’m finally free
    Finally Free is the third and final single from Archie Sager’s debut album. It represents the largest sound out of the three tracks and describes the feeling of floating aimlessly through life, but with a hint of purpose escalating towards the end of the track. The music video gives the track new meaning, with stock footage from the Apollo launches overlaid on top of each other to create a retro, celestial atmosphere.

    “His new album of material promises to be his most fully formed and painstakingly crafted music to date and is as much infected with catchy riffs and melodies as it is with emotional moments, drawing from experiences over the last few years”

    “In addition to playing bass in the 4-piece Cosmic Lightshow, Archie is about to release his debut album, following his excellent debut EP” – WhiteLight WhiteHeat

    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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