Asphalt Disco introduces the new wave of 1980s

    Svart Records releases a legendary compilation album more than forty years ago

    Asphalttidisco was first published in 1980 Finnlevyn with a rock-oriented sub-mark Vomit!. The album presents a new wave of bands from Lahti, Raisio, Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Peräseinäjoki, such as Cattle, SOS, Aarnen’s Choice, Louie mixed Slaughterhouse 5. There are also musicians and bands in the collection, the later stages of which can at least be mentioned Turta Leevi band change Witch Castle Huraa! or Corrosion guitarist Joel Hallikainen steps as a blow to the whole people.

    Young bands usually recorded their songs in a day or two Microvoxstudio in Lahti in May – June 1980. The Microvox studio, which operated from 1968 to 1982, was a unique and barren mecca for Finnish pop, rock and other music. The recorder was an independent person familiar with the secrets of the recording wizard Pekka Nurmikallio, who also built a studio. Dozens of Finnish artists have made their records there – for example Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int and Hurriganes. Everything was needed in the studio for punk and new wave bands. In the late 1970s, the studio became especially popular Love Records and Poko Rekordsin as a recording space for new mortgages but also for self-publishing young people.

    Asphalt disc produced Juha “Jusa” Sipilä, who was the background person and initiator of the compilation album. To the surprise of the bands in the collection, Jusa had slipped the overall sound of the album to a reasonably soft sound, and some of the songs had even been played by synthesizers where the bands hadn’t understood playing themselves. According to reports, Jusa has long since disappeared from the Finnish crust, and may have left the dust of the country behind for good, so the actual history of the album is obscure in history.

    Asphalt disco is related to the one released the previous year Greet For LP, which presented – more and less well-known – Finnish band bands assembled on one cover. Jusa and Collapse Lasts drummer and punk tailor Jyrki Siukonen. The cover of the album was made by photographic artist Kari Riipinen, who has made hundreds of record covers especially for Johanna Kustannus’ bands, the most famous of which are Pelle Million, Ratsia and Hanoi Rocks.

    Black Records publishes Asphalttidiscoon June 3, 2022 as a vinyl and CD. The album can be pre-ordered from the Svart Records online store:

    listen Asphalttidisco (Spotify):

    V / A: Asfalttidisco

    1. SOS: I want to be free

    2. Corrosion: TV victim

    3. Cattle: Outdoors

    4. Louie: I walk and walk

    5. Aarnen’s Choice: The Neighbor’s Son

    6. Turta Leevi: The sun had to go

    7. SOS: Idiots swing

    8. Slaughterhouse 5: Old brakes

    9. Corrosion: Who sold the rebellion

    10. Treasure Choice: The Lottery of My Life

    11. Cattle: Great people

    12. Louie: The squirrel wheel

    13. Slaughterhouse 5: Living bodies

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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