ASTRAL CONstruct – Tales of Cosmic Journeys (Full Album 2021)

    Tales of Cosmic Journeys (2021)
    In search of answers or escape, ASTRAL CONstruct explores the dark and the light of space; painting the experience through sound that embraces the heavy and dark as well as the colors that brighten the fringes of the void. Sprawling soundscapes interwoven in heavy fuzz channel spacey movements that draw the listener into the journey. (Picture credit: NASA)
    ASTRAL CONstruct
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    In Cryo 00:00
    Cosmos Perspective 01:25
    Dust of a Thousand Cosmic Clouds 07:45
    Chaos Terrain of the Ocean Moon 14:44
    Jettisoned Adrift in the Space Debris 21:24
    Hand Against the Solar Winds 30:05
    Spiral Galaxy 35:34
    Pillars of Creation – Return to Cryo 43:00
    Tales of Cosmic Journeys chronicles interstellar travel from awakening from cryo-sleep to explorations through this galaxy to a return to cryo-sleep for the journey back to a distant galaxy.
    released June 11, 2021

    Recorded and mixed independently. Mastered for maximum atmospheric intensity by Kent Stump (Wo Fat) at Crystal Clear Sound Studios (Dallas, TX).

    Source 666MrDoom

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