Sinoptik – The Calling (Full Album 2021)


    Ukrainian psychedelic stoner rockers SINOPTIK may not be the biggest band on Earth yet but they are certainly setting the bar high on their latest offering „The Calling“. Influenced by acts such as BlackSabbath, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, what SINOPTIK manages to bring to the table sonically is not only a brilliantly executed album but also a record full of emotion, good intention and intimate lyrics seldom heard in this genre.
    „The Calling“ album was produced and recorded in their own studio by singer/guitarist Dmitriy Afanasiev and the record is more of a concept album for him. “For me the songs, as well as the title are like a reminder for every traveler, warrior, driver, doctor, or even parent … that when you leave, there is someone waiting for you when you get to where you are going. If you lose someone dear to you, remind yourself that they are waiting for you to catch up. That’s the Calling.” He also adds, “It’s also a story about a man, who strived to achieve his dream his whole life, but when he finally reached it, he realized that in the race to get there he didn’t pay attention to the important things in his life. Each song describes various life cycles / life stages of this main hero. From his childhood up until reaching his dream. And in the end it is unclear, whether he will die or hear the call… That’s also The Calling … That’s the Universe doing its thing.”
    SINOPTIK’s go big or go home mentality may not have re-invented the wheel with „The Calling“ but they have made an album that is so musically refreshing and lyrically pure that it will surely become a classic album in more than a few stereos around the globe …
    SINOPTIK are:
    Dmitriy Afanasiev – guitar, keys, vox
    Ruslan Babayev – drums
    Aleksandr Savin – bass
    Le menteur 00:00
    Granny Greta 06:27
    Young and High 10:12
    Inception 15:13
    Apple Tree 16:12
    Black Soul Man 20:03
    Sell God’s Number 24:40
    Absolution 29:09
    The Call 30:13
    released June 11, 2021

    Source 666MrDoom

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