BALEFULLIES – Nostalghia (Full Album 2021)

    Nostalghia (2021)
    BALEFULLIES, was formed in Perugia (Italy) in 2013, during these seven years of live gigs the three bandmates (Francesco, Carlo e Alessia) have gone on to compose some new stuff that blends rock infuences, alienating distortions and nostalgic atmospheres.
    The ballads, distorted and heartbreaking, alternate with violent and dark compositions, desert expanses crossed with obstinacy and expressive force where the blues pulses and remains.
    They’ve spent these years through festivals and Live Clubs, recorded and published their first Ep in 2014 and had the honor of sharing the stage with The Black Heart Procession and many others Artists.
    Karma Conspiracy Records
    1.Nostalghia 00:00
    2.This is the Sun 03:22
    3.Things Undo 07:46
    4.In my Mind 11:38
    5.I can Get 16:36
    6.Yeah Yeah Yeah 19:49
    7.Keep my Eyes 22:58
    8.Well, I guess. 33:12
    “NOSTALGHIA”, a catharsis undertaken to cross musically the drifts of the lack, the elusive, the past that inexorably blocks the steps.
    A trip searching for a farewell’s way close to the membrane that divides who is gone and who is here.
    A research for those places suffused and enfolded by an ancestral fog, approaching the unapproachable, a mix of violent sounds and shouted with natural symbiosis.
    released May 21, 2021

    Source 666MrDoom

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