Baltimore at an Angle (Full Album)

    Baltimore at an Angle:
    1 – Paradies (0:10)
    2 – My Favourite Season (2:02)
    3 – Flowers (4:52)
    4 – Hawaiian (7:37)
    5 – Eve (10:14)
    6 – The Roundabout (13:13)
    7 – Suburban Nightmare (16:50)
    8 – Pylon (18:23)
    9 – Fun to Have (20:29)
    10 – My House (22:57)

    I first contacted Grant in December after I heard a few of his songs on Reddit. Their light and happy guitar jangles captivated me and the lo-fi production of the album further added to the warmth felt throughout. I knew I wanted to work with him as he had a talent for quirky songwriting that reminded me of Malkmus. While talking we found we both listened to similar music, and we enjoyed discussing out favourite albums and bands. The music of Baltimore at an angle is written and recorded entirely by G. Gillingham at his home in Bournemouth. They stem from his need to put feeling to sound, as is present in most compulsive musicians.

    Baltimore at an Angle’s debut album broadcast’s Grant’s, spur of the moment, songwriting and emits DIY ethos of making music purely for fun. Heavily inspired by Pavement’s approach to making music, all the vocals on this lo-fi, hypnagogic pop album were recorded using default apple earphones and arranged in garage band. Whatever your tastes, Baltimore at an Angle is the perfect album to play on a sunny, winter morning.

    “Baltimore at an Angle started as a dumping ground for tracks that weren’t quite ready for Grant’s main solo project Grrr Ant. Some disappeared into the abyss of an anonymous Soundcloud whilst others lived on a USB stick. Eventually enough tracks were amassed which all shared a similar vibe so Baltimore at an Angle’s first LP was born. Grant has never visited Baltimore, nor plans to any time soon, however, the city became emblematic of the autumnal Americana that has heavily inspired the vibe of these tracks. Plus it’s certainly a band name that was unlikely to have been taken! If you fancy seeing the winter out with tracks written in the glow of the late autumn sun or by pumpkin-spice candlelight, then give this a spin.”



    Independent record label based in Brighton -Dream Pop – Indie Rock – Ambient Music – Founded 2019 by Archie Sagers

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