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    The stoner/doom/drone project I was talking about for almost a year. Lots of delays, but here it is and I’m really damn proud of it. Fuzzy, crunchy, bassy and powerful tonage.

    I didn’t make it as long as I said. There was no way I could’ve made it 2 hours long.. I just didn’t have the patience and the motivation. If I lose interest and force things too much I’ll get bored and give up on the whole thing.

    Believe it or not, most of this was recorded with a cranked Orange Tiny Terror. I added Matamp GT-1 tracks here and there. It was too much of a challenge to record with the GT-1 due to the extreme amount of volume… The Peavey Bass Mark III was used at times too. The timing was incredibly hard… There are about 6 guitar tracks playing at the same time. Multiple effects used like the Fuzz Factory, octaves, flangers, delays and reverb. The song has throat singing here and there.

    Hope you enjoy this as much as I did recording.

    You can purchase the album online in the near future.

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