Crash and The Void – Blame Me (Visualizer)


    Premiere alternative rock and roll.

    “Inspiration for “Blame Me” is drawn from alternative rock, and how it can convey frustration and chaos, which can be heard from the main riff, which is intertwined with an Arabic sounding lead line. I was also inspired by films like Children of Men, 1984 (John Hurt) and other dystopian fiction to paint the overall picture. During the bridge of the song the notes move beyond conventional diatonic chords and explore a longer soundscape usually found in dystopian fictional drama films…” – C&TV

    Crash and the Void is an experimental alternative rock band from Pretoria, South Africa. Founded in 2019 “Crash And The Void” consists of two brothers; Marius Schutte on lead vocals (also boasting a music theory degree) and brother Lumar Schutte, a highly decorated session drummer. Completing the lineup is Waldo Van Der Linde on guitar + lead, and Dillon Van Heerden on bass guitar (and sound engineering). Crash & The Void’s collective influence ranges from Hans Zimmer to Black Sabbath. Crash And The Void infuse balls-to-the-wall rock and roll with momentous fervour.

    “The underlying message of ‘Blame Me’ is that we have all been manipulated through mass media to hate one another and kill each other for centuries, by high functioning elitist sociopaths. That the system benefits those with apathy and reprehensible moral fibre. The lyrics also address the various factions divided by the elites, and question their endless killing of one another…” – C&TV



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