Gallery of Ghouls – The Witch of Night (Single 2021| Lyric Video)

    The Witch of Night (Single 2021)
    “A tragic tale of a woman who was persecuted for trying to live a peaceful life with nature out in the forest, until her horrible demise which years later leads her ghost back to the town that had her executed & she can finally reconcile from her torment by inflicting an awful revenge upon the people who took her life, killed her beloved pets & destroyed her beautiful home.”

    In the woods near Manchester by the sea
    there lived a little old lady. She only wanted to be
    left alone in her world carefree. She had many pets;
    they were friends, and she would tend to her garden.
    Nobody knew she was out in the woods
    on her own lived as a crone. Then one day
    she was out on the grass with the sun on her skin.
    Being one with the soil feeling its love deep within.
    When the boys came running through the trail,
    they saw her standing nude and off to town
    to tell the priests they’d seen a witch down by the stream.
    The men as a group came hunting into the woods
    their torches burning bright in the night.
    They pulled her out and beat her up and dragged
    her off to town. They killed her pets and stomped her plants.
    There was nothing left of her shack.
    She lived a life of beauty in solace with the earth
    The rainbows and the butterflies often talk to her.
    She tried so hard to stay away from that awful world.
    The evil men created the envy and the hurt.
    And she would walk on her own along by the sea,
    near the rocks and raging waves her friends
    they always would be She never knew her ending
    would be a tragedy. When they took her away from
    her nature family. Ten years later on a starry spring night
    The town saw a figure walking in the moonlight
    Approaching the gates swung open with a sound
    as the wind swept in with the fiercest howl.
    A figure in black walking with a line of pets behind her.
    A pumpkin in her hand with a long green faced nose.
    The ground began to quake and shiver.
    The flames began to burn and cinder.
    The people ran there would be no escape.
    They finally knew the time had arrived
    when The Witch of Night would make it right
    and take her revenge upon the men.
    To be turned into ash all alone and scared.
    the look of terror in their eyes all alone and scared.
    And all of the town was burnt to the ground!
    She walked away with her pets in a trail behind her.
    Under the moon in the gloom she would return too and
    be alone in the woods where she would remain to this day.
    And all of the town was burnt to the ground!
    released April 5, 2021
    Joe Bonsignore / Lyrics, Music, Vocals, Production & Design
    Recorded @ The Moon House, Stony Brook NY

    Source 666MrDoom

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