Greetings from Buddhist synth pop hell – Sami “Albert Witchfinder” Hynninen joins forces with Finnish hip hop maverick Olli Hänninen

    A chance meeting in Hell? No! It was destined to happen: Hip hop maverick Olli Hänninen (Ronskibiitti, Toothpoll) teaming up with Doom Metal eccentric Sami Hynninen (Opium Warlords, Reverend Bizarre) to create alternative rhythm music unlike anything that has existed before. Hänninen and Hynninen take a trip to eighteen chambers of Buddhist Hell to reflect on the cold and violent world that surrounds us every day. The music stretches from experimental drones through jazz and marching music to bona fide synth pop, but do not try to label this album. It is impossible. It follows only its own laws. It can caress you or hit you in the head, but it never loses its intensity. Imagine a sober but psychotic COILor DAF with a shotgun, and you are not even close.

    The ambient elements and rhythm tracks defining the tone of each chamber morph together everything from weird crackle boxes, self-made anti-instruments and field recordings of a malfunctioning supermarket wicket or unorthodox paving block structures under a luggage trolley, to noisiest distortion and analogue delay effects on a mindlessly abused electric guitar. The fact that the music is rather created upon a blank canvas than precisely structured compositions forced its creators to approach the sound with an unprecedentedly, terrifyingly free mind.

    The process was not just playing music but more of a journey of breaking inhibitions, exploring the uncharted potentials, and trying to overcome the deterrent mannerism of creative thinking.

    It is NOT Rock, it is NOT Metal it is just Alternative.

    9.9. Olli Hänninen and Sami Hynninen: Chambers LP / CD (pre-sale)


    3.6. Olli Hänninen and Sami Hynninen: XVII Chamber of Maggots (digital)

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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