Hannibal & Hot Heros will release their second album in November, new single out on Friday

    Listen Something always remains here ->

    “It is good to remind yourself at regular intervals that you are only a small piece of this huge universe. Something will always remain, even if no one will ever remember it”.


    Hot Heros is the essence of Finnish free jazz. An endless source of timeless wisdom. The stone base of the sound barriers. This Ville Rauhalan, Sami Sippolan me Janne Tuomen created by the monstrosity, the hip-hop legend hit his hammer on the same anvil Hannibal Starkwith to create a concoction of sound, rhythm and rhyme. Be ready!

    The group that combines jazz, rap, soul and funk released their joint debut Here and now by Monsp Records through 2019 and is now preparing for the release of his new album Katajainen on November 4, 2022. The first Jotain aina jää single will be released on August 12, 2022. Works as a publisher Black Records. A jazz/prog rock guitarist from Rovaniemi has joined the orchestra Matti Salowho is known among other things as a singer Kielo Kärkkäinen from the band, Drawing lines and his own oriental-influenced jazz forging Matti Salo Quartetstation.
    Hannibal & Hot Herosin Juniper – vinyl can be pre-purchased from the Svart Records online store at:

    12.08. Hannibal & Hot Heros: Something Always Remains (Digital Pre-Order)

    Hannibal & Hot Heros

    Hannibal Stark: vocals, rap

    Sami Sippola: saxophones, keys

    Matti Salo: guitar, keys

    Ville Rauhala: bass

    Janne Tuomi: drums, percussion

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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