Haywire – Still In The Saddle (OFFICIAL AUDIO STREAM)


    Track List
    1. I Ain’t Living Long Like This
    2. Connie
    3. No Rockin’ Tonight
    4. Jack’s Blues
    5. Still In The Saddle
    6. Cry Your Blues Away
    7. Even If I Tried
    8. I Know You Riders
    9. Tarna’s Song
    10. Crawdad Song

    HAYWIRE (KS) Still In The Saddle 1980

    From southern Kansas comes this great southern rock outfit built around the Olive Brothers. This LP is a southern rock fan’s dream, singing about cowboys, drinking, and especially getting arrested for DWI on the way to the local Lynyrd Skynyrd/Charlie Daniels Band concert in the epic track “No Rockin’ Tonight”. All the elements are here, tight rhythm section, wailing guitar and ballsy vocals. Their version of the old standard “I Know You Rider” is the best I’ve heard, with an updated hardrock sound. Songs like “Still In The Saddle”, “Even If I Tried”, “Jack’s Blues”, “Cry Your Blues Away” and more all hit the right spot for those of us who worship at the altar of the Allman/Van Zandt sound. I have heard some negative comments about the cover art which depicts a ’50s dime store cowboy ride, but personally I like that such an innocent jacket contains such a potent and sharp edged music. [RH – Rich Haupt]

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