Movement Of Static – Projections (Full Album 2024)

    Projections (2024)
    Movement of Static is a cinematic post rock metal band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2016 they released Novelty Seekers.In their new album “Naegleria” which is released in 2018 they were experimented with new sounds and instruments. Their purpose is to make interactive live performances and to collaborate with various artists without labels nor limits, yet with a common purpose.Creation
    Perception 00:00
    Fractals 06:55
    Remembrance 13:20
    Anti-Universe 22:01
    Decoding 29:07
    Archetypes 35:31
    Inception 41:34
    PRimal instincts… primal instincts map reality. Fear, joy, urges to run or fight, to see the world with your own two eyes, to be close to the things you cherish… Feelings like these are the driving force behind every choice you make. Are they universal though? How sure are you that the person you see inside your mirror is the same one everybody else sees? Are your today’s decisions right or wrong? Or perhaps, is your perception of reality restricted in your own singular point of view?

    Only the brain and the soul can take that notion to a higher level. Descending into the bottom of your subconscious you find patterns, fractals depicting the raw nature of your own perspective. As you study these mysterious figures, you gain a deeper understanding of your inner self.

    Journey now deep inside the memory lane. The years have passed. Each and every moment, no matter how big or small has had its own significance. Moments great as a faraway trip, or maybe small as a phone call. Remembrance of the past shapes the future.

    ECstatically you gaze upon your every experience. Those moments of yours have shaped your world, your cosmos, yourself… Certainty of those flows in your veins. Or is it?… Is this train of thought factual for everyone? Would your loved ones approve it? Would they follow the same path? Or is there a whole new anti-universe lying deep within them?

    TIme might help you find the answer in this instance. You must now take this journey way further. Further than yourself and into the hearts of others… Observation is your key. See through their eyes, listen through their ears, and learn… Define reality, their own one. Study the algorithms operating their minds. Decoding these ciphers of others expands your very own consciousness.

    ONce this realization is made, a deduction finally appears. Each living being, each brain, each entity creates a whole new world. One with its very own set of rules. Unique guidelines, unaffected from everything else. This is half the truth though… The primitive mind functions are always there. Archetypes seemingly dormant, shaping the basis of this world. Are your deepest fears really that rational? Or is your monkey brain clouding your judgement once again?

    Stay on these thoughts a while longer… Since the inception of life, each and every organism acts as an individual and yet, as part of a hive mind as well. Does that make the universe one and absolute? Is it shared by everyone? Or is there one for every set of eyes out there? Keep searching within. Because… primal instincts… primal instincts map reality…
    released March 29, 2024

    album credits:

    Recorded and mixed at Blueberry Productions Co.
    Mastered by Exceptional Mastering
    Cover art by Movement Of static & Aliki Pogosian
    all rights reserved

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