Nidhöggs – Persecution (Full Album 2022 / With Lyrics)

    This Stoner Rock/Hard-Rock album was entirely composed in 2 weeks, full of negative emotions. Anger, pain and melancholy try to express themselves in a mix of heavy riffs, uncontrolled screams, improvised guitar solos or strange acoustic melodies.
    The recording, as well as the mixing and mastering, are completely amateurish and were done by the artist himself, in his home studio.
    So you will have understood, “Persecution” is an attempt at expression well before being the fruit of a search for musical complexity.

    The art cover is a simple collage of art from several really cool artists, and tries to represent the persecution of our minds, as well as possible.

    Track List:

    1. Persecution – 00:00
    2. Space Monkey – 08:06
    3. Gandalf is Dead – 15:30
    4. Burning My Wings To Fly – 22:47
    5. Black Hole Shy – 28:35
    6. Dancing With Beelzebub – 36:08
    7. Father – 41:45
    8. Toxic Mankind – 44:30
    9. Body From The Sun – 49:15
    10. Satanic Mercure Rain – 55:12
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    Released via Big Dog Found Creations on April, 23rd, 2022, “Persecution” is the debut album of Nidhöggs.

    Source 666MrDoom

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