Test performances and dull judges – Kiss Disease combining protopunk and power pop released a new video

    Kiss Diseasen the first and acclaimed title EP (Kiss Disease, 2020) as well as fiery gigs put a word in the underground circles about the rushing new band. Encouraged by the feedback, the band took a conscious risk and began recording their debut album without any knowledge of the record deal. After hearing this, Svart Records sharpened their signature pens and signed to a band that combines power pop, street rock and addictive choruses.

    Kiss Diseasen You Met Me at a Strange Time is based on the brutal and bitter power of the garage-punk EP released last year. On the other hand, the band wanted to expand their sound in a bigger and more versatile direction. The guidelines were set to be felt in the world of power pop and protopunk. The release of the debut album is approaching and it is the third single release in a row Speed ’n’Doubt. The bassist of the band Petrus had time to develop the song during the band’s next steps.
    -”Speed n’ Doubt was completed before the release of the debut EP, so it has matured in mind for a while. At the time, my own reeling in the reefs was that I wish I could do someone Thin Lizzy -style song, which of course didn’t work out, but that’s where the Kiss Disease style came from! ”.

    Supervisor Helmi Donner has directed a video for the same song in which Kiss Disease ‘s membership finds itself in the middle of a bizarre talent contest. The guitar changes to roller skates and the drumsticks to the magic wand. They put themselves in a total league just to find themselves fishing for points from a strangely familiar jury. The points start to drop and the camel’s back breaks.
    – “The music video recorded the breaking up of invisible frames and breaking free from shackles. We developed our own characters and talent shows that, in their magnificent splendor, still didn’t qualify for a dull jury. Often the worst judge is our own self, which this video tries to please too much, to no avail. That’s why the best way was to nail down the bushy judges and wet the rigid costumes of the critics, ”the band’s singer-guitarist Ella Laine says.

    Watch the video here:

    Kiss Diseasen debut album You Met Me at a Strange Time will be released on June 3, 2022 and the album is currently available for pre – order from record stores around the world. The band’s record release gig will be held on June 10, 2022 in Helsinki Sixth line club, which also features a party celebrating its new laptop Phone sex as well as a rising punk band Ransom.


    Kiss Diseasen the first tunes saw the light of day in a stale bomb shelter in 2019 when the singer-guitarist Ella Laine and drummer Anni Kosonen amused each other in the heartbeat of power chords. Next, the solo guitarist put his spoon in the disease soup Alex Supportpulling in his wake by the bassist Petrus Hirvosen. The recipe was ready.

    03.06. Kiss Disease: You Met Me at a Strange Time (pre-order link)

    06.05 Speed ​​’n’ Doubt (single pre-order)

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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