Pale Hornet – North (Full Album 2018/2022 remastered)

    North (2018/2022 remastered)
    Rock/Garage/Desert solo musician currently residing in Lismore.
    Currently play in Melbourne band ‘Foot’
    Have previously played with ‘The Backs’, ‘The Dead Heir & ‘A Cheeky Grin’
    Right Between The Eyes 00:00
    Robot 04:12
    In Shadows 08:01
    Heaven Sent 12:45
    Acid Reflux 17:25
    A Fall Through The Sky 22:23
    At The End Of The Day 25:48
    Humidity 30:36
    José 33:20
    Sober Utopia 37:53
    Nice Storm To Fly A Kite 40:10
    Half of this record is made up from demos dating back to 2013 which were written for the bands I was playing in whilst living in Melbourne. The other half were written after moving to the North Coast region of New South Wales.

    This album is dedicated to the thief/thieves who stole $5000 worth of equipment from my car the week that I moved. Fuck. You.

    A special thanks goes to the people who were so generous in allowing me to borrow equipment to record. This includes Jake Lennon, Patrick Lennon & Barry Holden
    released January 10, 2022

    released August 17, 2018

    All songs written and performed by Paul Holden aside from the following:

    Right Between the Eyes (Paul Holden & Shaun Stolk)
    Heaven Sent (Paul Holden & Shaun Stolk)
    Humidity (Paul Holden, Shaun Stolk & Tom Thomas)
    Sober Utopia (Paul Holden & Shaun Stolk

    Additional Musicians:
    Shaun Stolk – Bass (Humidity)
    Tom Thomas – Keyboards (Humidity)
    Kate Lennon – Vocals (End Of The Day, ‘Jose’, Nice Storm To Fly A Kite), Barry Holden – Guitar (Acid Reflux)

    Recorded and Mixed/Post Production by Paul Holden

    Album Artwork – Paul Holden & Bernadette Holden

    Source 666MrDoom

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