Pessi Levanto composed the music for the award-winning Norwegian director’s new film

    Svart Records will release the soundtrack for The Innocents in August

    Black Records publishes Norwegian The Innocents the soundtrack album of the film he was responsible for composing Pessi Levanto (s.1973). At the Cannes Film Festival in the magical horror story that premiered world, the innocent games of young children take a dark turn. In the courtyard of the Oslo suburbs, children spending idle summer vacation days find their hidden abilities, and the struggle of life and death begins – right under the eyes of adults. Oscar-candidate Eskil Vogtin controlled by The Innocents is a trembling horror drama about children’s imagination and its frightening power.

    When composer Levanto started working, he had to ask if the children could be bad? Are they born with moral codes or do we develop an understanding of right and wrong as we grow up. He set out to think about how the compositional course of the film can be described by transforming simple sounds to symbolize how it feels as the purity of childhood evaporates as we age.

    – “In the sound world of the film, strings and cymbals were used, the sound of which was modified by driving them through reels, vintage recording devices and effects. This is how I created unique and nostalgic and slightly melancholic music and sound that reminds us of a world of children that adults no longer have access to, ”says Levanto.

    The composer had agreed at an early stage with the film’s award-winning director-screenwriter Vogt, who was also an Oscar nominee, that the film did not want a traditional horror film sound world.

    -”The Innocents is not a traditional horror film, and therefore there was no reason to export music to that sector. Often in horror genre films, it is not possible to distinguish because the composed part ends and the sound effects begin. I wanted my composition to give the film a lively, organic and distinctive feel. As the project progressed, I felt like I was constantly discovering new features, new sounds, and techniques I had never tried. Hopefully, this enthusiasm and dedication has been recorded on the final soundtrack album, ”Levanto says of the starting point and outcome of the film’s composing process.

    Svart Records will release the soundtrack of The Innocents on vinyl and CD on August 26, 2022.

    26.8. Pessi Levanto – The Innocents OST LP / CD (pre-sale link)

    The Innocents (Original Soundtrack)

    A trailer for The Innocents

    Pessi Levanto – The Innocents (Spotify)

    Pessi Levanto – The Innocents OST LP/CD

    Black Records – SVART321

    1. The Innocents – Opening

    2. Ida Meets Ben

    3. Mother

    4. Glass in the Shoe

    5. Battles

    6. The Cat

    7. Anna Spoke

    8. Going Home

    9. Spinning the Lid

    10. Possession

    11. The Crime Scene

    12. Aisha

    13. I Need a Band-Aid

    14. A Girl With a Plan

    15. Nightmare World

    16. Crutches

    17. Across the Pond

    18. The Innocents – Ending

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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