PIG DESTROYER – Mt. Skull (Official Music Video)

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    Starring Josh Fadem as Stanley
    Written and Directed by Joe Stakun
    Director of Photography Eric Bader
    Produced by Yoni Aviram
    Edited by Heather Capps

    Guest starring:

    Clay Tatum
    Jonathon Brock
    Katelyn McGaw
    Andy Parada
    Ronald Stanage

    Assistant Camera :

    Zach Zdziebko & Dillon Vaughn

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    When I was a kid
    The mountain was so big
    Family seemed so secure
    Like it would always endure
    Now the purple heather’s red
    Everyone on Mt. Skull is dead
    The black house
    My uncle built still stands
    But now I’m just a stranger
    From suburban wastelands
    Now the Shenandoah’s red
    Everyone on Mt. Skull is dead
    Everyone i love

    source Relapse Records

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