Porta Magna – Swallowed by The Ocean (Official Video)


    “Swallowed By The Ocean” is the latest powerhouse single by Angolan metal band Porta Magna.

    “Swallowed by the ocean is the representation of someone who suffers from depression. The sensation is described as if she is drowning in a deep, icy ocean, where she cries out for help (can’t you see me? Hold my hand, stop this suffering) but no one sees or hears her. Surrounded by sharks (fears, insecurities, etc) that constantly attack and devour her as the anchor of anguish pulls her deeper and deeper until she is completely swallowed by the ocean…” – Claudio Henriques (Porta Magna)

    Porta Magna is an Angolan metal band formed by Frink Sanda, Manel
    Kav, Edson Ferraz, Ariel Ricardo, and Claudio Henriques.
    The project started during Covid 19 outbreak in Angola, in a
    emergency state, bored by the restrictive measures, deprived of
    concerts or rehearsals, they started to develop the project online, an
    escape to expel the frustrations of being deprived of certain freedoms. The band’s
    influences spread through several metal genres from Death Metal to Blackened death, and Deathcore.



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