strom morts – Magnetic Cluster Flood

    Magnetic Cluster Flood, drone & video by strom|morts

    Founded in 2018 by swiss post-metal veterans from Knut and Abraham, strom|morts is an experimental drone band.
    The strom|morts project focuses on different aspects of art such as cinema, literature, comics, painting, artistic performances and collaborations.

    line up:
    -Mathieu Jallut: guitar, shruti (Abraham, Lune Palmer)
    -Didier Séverin: modular synthesizer, tibetan bowls (Knut, Llama/OLO)
    -Olivier Hähnel: analog synthesizers, vocals, azzax (Abraham, Twinesuns)

    strom is the lifeblood of this modern world.
    strom is life, light, warmth, security & comfort.
    strom must circulate at all times & everywhere or else the world stops.
    strom breeds progress & it is accelerating exponentially with each discovery.
    strom pulses around 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz depending on where you are in this world.

    strom|morts drones

    morts is an ever gluttonous monster that will make its servants scorch the earth, poison the waters & pollute the skies to keep feeding its unstoppable expansion.
    morts has made the stars invisible, paved the whole world & enclosed its inhabitants in concrete shells.
    morts has exceeded nature rhythms & kidnapped the whole world in its frantic course
    morts has given us the illusion of safety, progress & happiness.
    In the end, morts will kill us all.

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