Svart Records re-releases Satan In Love

    Proceeds from the collection will be directed to the children of the Ukrainian war

    Published in 2018 and compiled with piety Satan in Love – Rare Finnish Synth-Pop & Disco 1979-1992 The collection album featured lesser-spotted domestic disco and synapop beads recorded in the 1980s. DJ, journalist and music researcher Mikko Mattlar curated a breathtaking ensemble of 22 songs that dived to the deep end of the history of Finnish electronic music. The collection also aroused enormous enthusiasm internationally and the editions of the album were taken out of hand. The album, which has now become an expensive collectible, is now being reissued.

    The vinyl records of the 1000 copies of the album will be released in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, as the original cover color of the album is almost identical to the colors of the flag of the country affected by the Russian invasion. Black Recordsin production manager Jarkko Pietarinen according to the desire to use the connection for good.
    – We were already putting on Satan In Love from the reprint of the collection onwards in production at the end of February. After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we realized the opportunity to influence and decided to inquire about the vinyl factory From Optimal Media whether it would be possible to print the discs on an accelerated schedule. Once this was confirmed, we rolled up our sleeves and started getting busy.

    The collection disc contains e.g. Fredin legendary space disco It’s weird, a cult band from Imatra Stress, Stina confusing translation-robot disco drive Automatic, Leevi & The Leavings in their synthesizer heads as well as even Meiju Suvas in a synthetic mood in 1983. Documenting the history of domestic music Satan In Love The Ukrainian edition of double vinyl will be released on May 27, 2022 and can be ordered in advance Black Recordsin mixed Record Shop Xonline stores. Svart Records and Record Shop X direct the proceeds from the record to the victims of the war through Unicef’s childcare.

    Unicef ​​- Childcare in Ukraine

    V/A: Satan In Love – Rare Finnish Synth-Pop & Disco 1979–1992 (Ukrainan War Relief Edition 2022)- Ennakkomyyntilinkki

    V/A: Satan In Love – Rare Finnish Synth-Pop & Disco 1979–1992 (Ukrainan War Relief Edition 2022)

    Black Records 2LP

    Date of issue: 27.5.2022

    1. Fredi: It’s Weird / Magic Fly (1978)

    2. Stiina: Automaattirakas / Automatic Lover (1979)

    3. Stress: Tatsia (1980)

    4. Digital Dance: Cairo C (1981)

    5. Emilia: Satan In Love (1981)

    6. Argon: San Salvador (1981)

    7. Leevi & The Leavings: I Don’t Want You Anymore (1982)

    8. Belaboris: Dead Mirrors (1982)

    9. Empty Batteries: Too Late (1982)

    10. Raya: Harhaa (1982)

    11. Grasshopper: Love (1983)

    12. BB: Computer Talk (1983)

    13. The Way of the Bad Way: The Old Salt Thirsty (1983)

    14. The Way the Bad Way: The Past World (1983)

    15. Syntax: Help Me (1983)

    16. Tuija: Feel (1984)

    17. Meiju Suvas: Hold the Black (1983)

    18. Jerry: Let’s Dance Now (1984)

    19. Mick Hanian: 17-Up (1987)

    20. Fresco: The Death of an Archer (1987)

    21. Press: The Fashion World (1991)

    22. Juha Ahlgren: Don’t Cry Tonight (1992)

    (Could be translated from Finnish)

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