The Cavalier – Crossing H (Official Audio)

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    Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and get ready to start a rock riot as I introduce to you one of the most exciting alternative bands on the scene today – The Cavalier!

    Hailing from the Pretorian metropolis and the gritty streets of Germiston, South Africa this five-piece outfit is ready to tear up the stage with their explosive energy, driving rhythms and rebellious spirit. Led by the charismatic frontman, whose raw and hair-raising vocals will make you feel like you’re at the forefront of a revolution, The Cavalier is a force to be reckoned with.

    Their music is a fusion of classic punk rock and modern sensibilities, with catchy hooks, emotive melodies, punchy guitar riffs, and lyrics that speak to the heart of anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider, a rebel, or a misfit. With songs that tackle everything from social inequality to personal struggles, The Cavalier is a band that will make you think, feel, and want to break down barriers. So come on, don your leather jacket, grab your glitter, slide into your skinnies, and prepare to immerse yourself in a movement, as The Cavalier takes the stage and unleashes their explosive brand of punk rock upon you. They are a band that will make you believe in the power of music and remind you that, no matter what the world throws your way, you can always find solace and strength in the unbridled passion of alternative sound.



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