Chorinferno – Del Chimi A La Nada [LP]

    Chorinferno is a band that explores various genres among which hints of stoner, metal, mathematical rock, punk and hard core can be distinguished, resulting...

    Salvando Mi Honor – Seguimos Resistiendo [EP]

    Salvando Mi Honor was formed in 2012 with the idea of ​​merging the best of Pop Punk and Easycore. These two genres that...

    Dormidos Al Volante – Silver Lake Swimmers [EP]

    Dormidos al Volante Rock / Indie / Pop band was born at the end of 2008 in Montevideo Uruguay, some of its members came...

    Austral – Eslabón Perdido [Single]

    Austral is a Uruguayan Heavy Psychedelic Rock band formed in the beginning of 2015 with Sebastián Baison (guitar, vocals), Gonzalo Fernández (guitar, vocals), Nicolás...

    Dr. Haze & The Wise Lizardz – And Beyond [LP]

    In the desert, lizards are sleepy. Hadn't it been for a strange Doctor, who infiltrated their home, to lead mysterious experiment: he managed to...

    Delphos – Restos [Single]

    Delphos is a band born in Madrid. In their first work, "Tras la marea" (2018), they go through different registers between metal, stoner...

    Instant Boner – Inside Your Head [Single]

    Instant Boner are a six-piece Psychedelic Stoner Rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band was formed in September 2013 and to date have released...

    Electric Valley – Darkstar [Single]

    Being old lovers of rock and heavy sounds, the three Madrid musicians Mario García (guitar), Charlie Sánchez (drums) and Miky Simón (bass and voice)...

    Grim Comet – A Million Suns [Single]

    Formed in 2014, Grim Comet is a power trio based in Madrid that combines influences from stoner, rock and doom metal. In November 2014...

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