Heartless Forever – In The Flesh [Single]

    Heartless Forever is a Chilean Penquista Metalcore band formed on January 5, 2012. Composed of Rod Valentine (Vocals and Guitar), David Rojas (Bass), Chris...

    Hombrehumano – Hombrehumano [LP]

    Hombrehumano is a stoner fuzz rock trio that was formed in 2008, in the city of Buenos Aires. Influences go back to rock...

    Furgonautas – Tempestad [Single]

    Futgonautas is an Argentine band formed in Morón, West of Greater Buenos Aires, which combines its musical fierceness with the poetry of its lyrics,...

    Arcadian Child – Snakecharm [Single]

    Arcadian Child are a mercurial psychedelic rock quartet based out of Limassol, Cyprus. Psyched, potent and intoxicating, they deliver their diverse rock melded with...

    Blasting Rod – 月鏡 [EP]

    Tight but Loose, fuzzed out psychedelic atmospheres and hard rock grooves. Nagoya, Japan-based Blasting Rod stabilized as a power trio in 2013 e.v. after...

    Antumbra – Split The Sky [LP]

    Antumbra is a musical journey across the world of melodic psychedelia intertwined with heavy, dirty riffs. Every band member brings a different set of...

    Seum – Blueberry Cash [EP]

    Hailing from Montreal and formed by 3 European French Doom Veterans expats (former Members of Mlah!, Lord Humungus and Uluun), Seum is a three...

    Stone From The Sky & Soft Rains – Aemeth [Split]

    Stone From The Sky is breath of fresh air in the sometimes boring-bis-repetita of the stoner scene : heavy-psych riffs mixed with post-rock ambiences...

    Mar Del Zvr – Panesthesia [LP]

    Mar Del Zvr is a musical project born in 2017, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our influences are diverse, but we all have a...

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