‘Battle Song’ (feat. Vinny Appice) Lyric Video

    Lyric Video of first single 'Battle Song' of the upcoming album 'Amoriello (release december 2018) 'Battle Song' (a tribute to metal legand Ronnie James Dio)...

    Amoriello Album Teaser (Release12/2018)

    The second AMORIELLO release from H42 Records on 12inch Vinyl features former members of Black Sabbath, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake,...

    Video SOAC first Teaser 2018

    Sons Of Alpha Centauri first album teaser 2018 Source H42Records H42 Records is a small and independent music label based in Hamburg, focused on Rock...

    Legends Of The Desert 12″ Teaser (DesertFest 2018)

    LEGENDS OF THE DESERT 12" Vinyl PRESALE starts MARCH 27 9:00 pm /German Time H42 Records H42-054 And another year is over and the DESERTFEST is just...

    AMORIELLO ‘Nightmusic MCX’

    From AMORIELLOs debut 7" 'Flood/Nightmusic MCX' RELEASE Feb. 20th 2018 on H42 Records The B-side Nightmusic MCX is a seven and a half minute instrumental that...

    Amoriello Flood Lyric Video

    Lyric Video of Flood, A side of upcoming first 7" from Amoriello: Presale: January 15th 9:00 pm CET over Release: February 20th limited edition of only 230...

    Amoriello Flood 7″-Vinyl Teaser

    AMORIELLO is the project of Philadelphia-born guitarist and children’s picture book author, Thomas Amoriello, who has teamed up with a stellar roster of special...

    Craneium 7″ (“H42-037, 2017) Teaser

    Craneiums new 7 "will see the light of day end of 2016/early 2017. The Presale will start early December. So do not miss it! Craneium...

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