Arima – Biluztasunez Jantzita [EP]

    Distortion was the trigger for the creation of Arima in 2018. A project that arises as a result of my musical and personal metamorphosis,...

    Dunna – Fénec [Single]

    This project was born around the summer of 2017. Rafa Rosado (Guitar and vocals) and Ale Ladrero (drums) who had already spent years intermittently...

    Pulpo Negro – Cosechando Tormentas [EP]

    Pulpo Negro is an Argentine Metal band with influences from Doom, stoner and southern rock formed in early 2009. Among its specific influences, the...

    Ahinco – Condena Eterna [EP]

    At the end of the winter of 2011, in Mar Del Plata (BS AS), bassist and founder Lucho Alippi began to work on the...

    Own Omnipresence – The Instrumentals: The Common Paths Of Anger And Conium Maculatum [EP]

    Own Omnipresence is a Death Metal/Deathcore band from Santiago, Chile, which was born in 2015 when its two original guitarists, Adrián Lagos and Jano...

    Xnight – I Am [EP]

    Xnight is a young alternative rock band from Barcelona made up of Iker Elorza (guitar), Jordi Costa (guitar), Noa Gallego (vocals), Pol Pellicer (bass)...

    Lost Nebula – Stories Set In The Future [LP]

    Lost Nebula was born at the beginning of 2014, in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, when Harry, bassist and founder, having musical demos,...

    Mamvth – The Fog [LP]

    The Madrid quartet made up of Law on vocals, Karlos on guitar, Jesús on bass and David 'Mama Mamuto' on decks burst onto the...

    Shamayna – Ring Of Adventure [Single]

    Sludge Metal from Siversky. Shamayna - Ring Of Adventure 1 - Ring Of Adventure ~ 0:00 Shamayna Instagram Bandcamp Radionautt Facebook Instagram Twitter Bandcamp YouTube #Radionautt Source Radionautt

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