Wodorost – From The Depths (Full Album 2023)

    The 2nd album by Wodorost is a concept work symbolizing a resurfacing from the abyss, a metaphorical journey through inner exploration and recovery from depression. Order the album here:

    00:00 Submerged
    1:32 Depths
    6:54 Temple
    14:23 Visions
    21:20 Beyond The Blue
    29:04 Whirl
    34:10 Reflections
    40:16 Dry Out

    Released November 10, 2023

    – Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacek Stasiak at Kongo Studio, Poland
    – Cover art and logo by “M & P Ferenc” S.C. & Bartłomiej Głowiński
    – Voice in “Beyond The Blue” and “Reflections” by Michał Ferenc
    – Photo session and graphic support by Kasia Piechotka
    – Big thanks to Małgorzata Grudzińska, Ola Dzięciołowicz, Jakub Zelenowić and Barbara Feliga
    – “Depths”, “Beyond The Blue” and “Reflections” lyrics by Jan Witusiński and Anna Żukowska

    Anna Żukowska: drums
    Bartłomiej Głowiński: guitar, voc
    Jan Witusiński: bass

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